How Loving Couples Fight by James L. Creighton | Couples Conflict Resolution | Couples Fighting

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How Loving Couples Fight

The author’s 12 easy-to-use tools can help settle differences between loved ones quickly and amicably.

“Written in a warm, personal style, this book is invaluable for anyone who dreams of building a supportive and loving relationship. I found this book to be very helpful and can unreservedly recommend it to others.”
Bill McConahey is a Certified Trainer and serves on the Better Marriages National Board of Directors

“A fresh. Most helpful, insightful, and practical guide to help couples explore better ways of solving their relationship problems.”
Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., Co-author, Love is the Answer: Creating Positive Relationships

“This book teaches you how to resolve conflict, and explains why that is the key to making a relationship work. Most books tell you to resolve conflict, but don’t tell you how. This one does. With these skills, in theory, you could have a successful relationship with almost anyone on the planet. Of course, there is that other thing that you actually have to like the person you are with! It is one of the best books I have ever read.”
– Amazon Review

Getting Well Again by James L. Creighton

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Getting Well Again

An international best-seller, Getting Well Again has been translated into more than twenty languages. Getting Well Again was one of the first books to look at the scientific basis for the ‘will to live’. Considered the ‘bible’ of the cancer psycho-social arena, this book explores how one’s reactions to stress and emotional factors can impact disease, treatment and outcomes and how positive expectations, self-awareness and self-care can contribute to survival. This book offers self-help techniques that patients have used worldwide to successfully reinforce medical treatment — techniques for learning positive attitudes, relaxation, visualization, goal setting, managing pain, exercise, and building an emotional support system.

“I became acquainted with this book many years ago. I bought numerous copies and through the years gave them all away. The last was to my mother who had been diagnosed with cancer. Sadly her doctors told us she had a 20% chance of living 5 years. I will not say this book cured her, of course, but she took the information seriously. She decided to make the rest of her life count. Without further treatment, she lived 15 more years of joyful service to others. She died very peacefully, surrounded by those she loved, from causes unrelated to cancer!”
– Amazon Review

“This book came to me right after it was published and a year after my diagnosis with melanoma in 1974. Because I was young and dumb and self convinced that I was cured (all in all not a bad thing) I did not apply the concepts to cancer. However I have applied the practice twice for other things and can say they worked for me.…It gives one a much needed sense of control over what is happening to yourself as well as knowing you are really participating in your cure and journey back to good health. The concepts are important and timeless.”
– Amazon Review

The Public Participation Handbook by James L. Creighton

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The Public Participation Handbook

Internationally renowned facilitator and public participation consultant James L. Creighton offers a practical guide to designing and facilitating public participation of the public in environmental and public policy decision making. Written for government officials, public and community leaders, and professional facilitators, The Public Participation Handbook is a toolkit for designing a participation process, selecting techniques to encourage participation, facilitating successful public meetings, working with the media, and evaluating the program.  The book is filled with practical advice, checklists, worksheets, and illustrative examples.

“The Public Participation Handbook is a practical, essential, and thorough guide for practitioners, public and private sector managers, NGOs, civic groups, and citizens. It is written by one of the gurus of the field and is an essential work for all those concerned with practical issues of good governance.”

Jerome Delli Priscoli, editor in chief, WaterPolicy

The public has a wisdom that government needs to understand before it can fulfill its mission. Creighton has cleared a path towards that wisdom.”
David Matthews, president, Kettering Foundation

“A very strong and accessible guide to public participation. The content is well-grounded in experience and the relevant research.”
Daniel J. Fiorino, adjunct professor, American University

Cyber Meeting by James L. Creighton

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Cyber Meeting

This breakthrough book looks at how cutting-edge computer technologies are transforming our concept of what “meeting” is — and helps companies avoid the millions of dollars that can be wasted when new “collaborative technology” is introduced.

CyberMeeting, published by the American Management Association in 1998, provided an eye-opening look at the exiting world of “cyber-collaboration. Although many of Creighton’s predictions of collaboration technology have already come true, the basic principles in Cyber Meeting still tell how to handle the transition to cyber collaboration smoothly and effectively so that your organization reaps all the rewards from its investment.

“The authors are encouraging their readers to solve the right problem precisely: choosing the right technology to make meetings easier, more productive, and creating an atmosphere of collaboration to surround these meetings and make them more valuable.”
– ATSD Technical Training, Bookshelf

“The real value of this book is its insights on how to use this wonderful technology most effectively …Cyber Meeting is a good example of futuristic thinking.”
– The Futurist, Book Review